About Spring...

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Yoga practice has all the qualities of the seasons, and in Rilke's terms, it calls us back to a primordial knowing, just like when spring knows it's time to bloom. This glorious, sometimes-challenging, oftentimes-healing, always-beckoning practice comes from deep within us, hibernating like winter when we're not in the moment, gloriously beaming like summer when we're in the flow, and bursting with anticipation when we're embarking on a new phase of practice, or a new session of classes. We're here for you at Sun & Moon to point the way inside yourself, and to inspire a spring-like awakening, this April and beyond.

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Join our 300-hour Dharma Program

Visiting Master Teacher faculty demonstrates movement of the spine in downward facing dog pose.

Visiting Master Teacher faculty demonstrates movement of the spine in downward facing dog pose.

An advanced teacher training for anyone with a 200-hour certificate looking to earn a 500-hour RYT.

Program highlights include:

  • ten afternoon immersions focused on specific topics on The Art and Practice of Teaching
  • weekend workshops with hand-picked and nationally-respected visiting master teachers
  • curriculum focus on anatomy, practice, teaching skills, and yoga wisdom
  • deep bonds with the Sun & Moon community



Community. Fun. 

Community. Fun. 

Annie does a daylong focused on the "king" and "queen" inversions.

Annie does a daylong focused on the "king" and "queen" inversions.

Engagement: Post-Election Yoga Thoughts

"The action is not where the action appears to be" – an election aftermath consideration by Annie Moyer. 

This is not about a diamond ring, but it is about another sort of union, and it’s a really difficult one.

We are in the aftermath of a Presidential election unprecedented in bitterness. The result has left many in our community feeling emotionally devastated, intellectually stunned and physically ill. And, indeed, there are those who feel happy, optimistic and relieved. How to square this? And what does this have to do with yoga? To both camps, and to both questions, I believe the answer is the same: we must dig as deeply and as relentlessly as we can until our common ground is revealed.

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The Boys Are Back! Yoga for Boys, Tuesday evenings in Arlington

If your boy thinks "yoga's for girls," tell him to think again. Thousands of i elite athletes, performers, entrepreneurs, and public leaders credit yoga for helping them reach peak in their field. 

We've got the fabulous and experienced Mike Ricker on board to set the example for our boys class starting this fall.

The adolescent boy will learn ways to focus his mind, condition his body to help avoid athletic injuries, build flexibility to balance his emerging strength, and manage emotions. The class is designed for middle and high school boys seeking a peaceful environment without the distraction of girls. 

A great alternative or complement to traditional sports.

Tuesdays 6:30p to 7:30p

Arlington Studio

Introducing Bettina Peterson, Massage Therapist

We’re excited to announce the arrival of Bettina Peterson to our massage therapy room at Sun & Moon Yoga in Arlington.

Available for appointments Thursdays through December, and Mondays through Saturdays beginning in January 2016, Bettina is looking forward to serving our community.

She’s experienced in many forms of body work, including  
Deep Tissue  
Connective Tissue  
Medical/Hospital  End-of-Life/Hospice  Reiki

For appointments, call 703-622-0599