Healing Through Yoga with Amir

Amir dedicates one Saturday afternoon per month to private yoga sessions for students struggling with particular physical challenges. His approach helps students unveil habitual structural alignment patterns which may cause or intensify other physical disharmonies. 

One-on-one yoga can treat and correct alignment patterns that perpetuate pain, as well as providing education and awareness that opens the body to grace and freedom. This is different than “treatment-focused” therapies in that it is designed to promote one's own healing response. you are not “being fixed,” but rather guided in a wise and compassionate way toward greater healing, health, and well-being.

Consider a session with Amir if you're looking for support for any number of ailments, including his specialty areas of

  • Back pain 
  • Neck pain and shoulder issues
  • Knee problems
  • Feet, hand and wrist issues

Amir uses a combination of yoga therapy, somatic awareness movement, Thai yoga massage, and yoga practices to guide students on the path of healing, health, and wholeness.

Once you have successfully scheduled an appointment, please download and complete this form, and bring it with you when you come.

Scheduling an Appointment

Private consultations with Amir are one hour in length. Sessions generally result in a prescription of yoga practices – students are encouraged to bring a camera to create a visual record of postures.

Because appointments are limited, a 24-hour cancellation policy will apply, with no refunds if appointment is cancelled within 24 hours and we are unable to fill the slot. If we are able to fill a slot that has been cancelled inside of 24 hours, we will issue a full refund minus $10 processing fee.

If online registration poses a challenge, please call or email the studio (contact info at the bottom of this screen), but be advised that someone may take the desired slot with an online registration before we are able to get back to you.

Upcoming Group Yoga Healing Workshops with Amir

Consider checking out Amir's popular healing workshops. These workshops often sell out, so when you see something scheduled of interest, best to grab a spot while you can!