Yoga For Good

Practice For Others.

Bringing the Practice To Others.



Often the yoga speaks for itself, making us feel more connected to ourselves and to others.  
And sometimes it means taking an extra step! Through Yoga for Good, we host donations-only classes at both studios, as well as Yoga On Wheels which sends our teachers on the road to communities in need.  

Donation-Only Classes

Each time, a different charity.

Each time, a different teacher.

Each time, a chance to practice for yourself and others.

Join us at our Yoga For Good donations-only classes as we practice yoga, promote awareness, and raise funds for a variety of very important causes in the community. 

Classes are for all level of experience – newcomers are welcome and supported. 

100 percent of your donation goes directly to chosen nonprofit organizations that work toward the health, education, and general well being of those in need in mind, body, and spirit. The groups we support are primarily in the Washington, DC/Northern Virginia community. A few of the charities we regularly support include: 

Please spread the word about Yoga For Good classes! There's no need to register or RSVP in advance - just show up with your checkbook and your friends. 

Want to organize a Yoga for Good class for your good cause?  We'll provide the space and the teacher. You rally your friends and spread the word! Want to arrange a recipient for Yoga on Wheels? We'll work with the staff on location and plan a class with an appropriately-trained teacher. Contact Yoga for Good Director Carol Stehl via email.  

Yoga On Wheels

Another part of Sun & Moon's seva program involves taking yoga out into communities that otherwise wouldn't be able to access the healing and calming practice of yoga.

Yoga On Wheels outreach takes yoga into homeless shelters in the Arlington and Fairfax area. 

When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.
— Maya Angelou

Upcoming Yoga For Good Donation Classes at Sun & Moon

Contact us to schedule an event for your good cause! Let us take care of the yoga, you rally your troops and their generosity, and we'll make an event to remember. Contact Carol Stehl by email and together we'll do some good!