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The Spiral - Movement and Form: Welcoming Theresa Murphy (Arlington)

  • Sun & Moon Yoga – Arlington 3811 Lee Highway Arlington, VA 22207 (map)

The helix or spiral shape occurs naturally in many forms. The spin of weather systems, the flow of water thru streams, waves and river beds, and the Fibonacci spiral expressed in flowers and nature invoke awe and interest in the human psyche. The blood in our veins, the movement of our muscles, and the genetic structure held within our cells all move and form in spiralic fashion. The spiral is also revered in yoga to represent either the upward and outward journey of awakening, or the cyclical trap of confusion and ignorance. We'll study the spiral in many forms this weekend, applying related techniques to meditation, breath-work, asana, anatomy study, and play. We'll explore the many expressions of the spiral from micro to macro and apply our experience in both soft, subtle forms of practice as well as strong and dynamic. Come explore and learn how this natural phenomenon of movement and form can and does influence us!


Friday 6:30-8:30p – Spiraling Limbs to Core
As three dimensional beings, the way our spine intersects and integrates with our limbs is complex.  There are many variables involved with initiating and executing movement.  In this session we'll refine our movement efforts and use specific spiraling engagement techniques to better coordinate our limbs into our deep spinal musculature.  These PNF Spirals come from the world of physical therapy, and can bring incredible healing benefits to the over-taxed and irritable parts of our limbs as well as the sleepy, underutilized parts.

Saturday 12:30-3:00p – The Pelvic Halves  To find the most efficient and integrated movement, it can be helpful to study how the bones move beneath our skin.  The hips have an intimate relationship to the legs, feet, and sacrum. In this class, we'll study the movement options of the two pelvic halves and bring that theory into the experience of standing and seated asanas.  Those who experience sacro-iliac discomfort often find relief through this type of work.

Saturday 3:30-6:00p – Spinal Spiral
Spinal twists come in three different families: neutral, extension and flexion.  Together, we'll study the structure of the spine as a whole, and look at its component parts to better understand what we are asking of ourselves in asana.  We'll then pour that knowledge into experiencing spinal twisting postures of all kinds.  Another gem for people with sacro-iliac issues.

Sunday 12:30-3:30p – Bone Spirals
There are many, many patterns of spiral movement we can map on the human body...spirals in the movement of muscles, movement of the limbs, through the body in specific asanas, and also on the bones themselves.  The bones grow in spiral formations.  Additionally, the two long bones of the leg and arm, the humerus and femur, have a specific spiral in their geometry.  Honoring the humerus spiral and femur spiral in asana makes for a different experience in the pose.  This can reshape unhelpful habits and help to forge new insight into how to safely approach challenging shapes!