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Healthy Strategies for Desk Jockeys w/Anne Jablonski and Guest Presenter Kyle Reeb, D.C. (Fairfax)


Does your work life have you sitting for hours on end in an office or desk at home? Do your hands and wrists ache from mousing? Are your neck and shoulders tighter than a violin string? It’s one thing to head to yoga class to de-stress from your desk job and bring some movement back into your body. But it’s something else to bring the principles of healthy alignment into the rest of your life and to adopt practical strategies for countering the contraction, stiffness, and weakness that arise from the poor postural habits of desk jockey-hood. Join an engaging duo of experts in body movement education and health - an experienced yoga teacher and a busy practicing chiropractor who works with patients every day to help reverse the damage from poor postural habits and chronic pain - to learn fun, safe, and accessible strategies to manage the postural, mental, and even spiritual challenges of desk jockey living.  

Teacher: Anne Jablonski

Cost: $30