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Creating Relationship – Yogasana and its Architecture: Hosting Theresa Murphy

  • Sun & Moon Yoga Studio – Arlington 3811 Lee Highway Arlington, VA, 22207 United States (map)

Humans are inherently relational beings. The nature of our relationships shapes the world which shows up for us and how we show up for the world.  From the moment we are born, we are learning about our bodies, negotiating gravity and space, and relating to ourselves simultaneously as parts and as a whole. These early learning experiences are building blocks for our sense of self-awareness and our capacity for integrated relationships with our environment, with others, and with ourselves.  In these workshops we will explore the relationships between various types of tissues within our bodies, as well as their cycles of relationship with gravity and space. The study of these relationships reveals the roots of what we find challenging, deepens our sense of support, and broadens our range of movement. Classes will involve both movement and discussion. 

Friday, 6:30p to 8:30p
Feet & Hips & Jaw

Movement to explore the facial sheaths that connect the feet to the pelvis to the cranium. 

Saturday, 12:30p to 3:00p
Belly Brain & Cranial Brain

Cranial nerve no. 10, the vagus nerve, is the only one of the 12 cranial nerves that branches out and extends below the neck. It happens to journey all the way to the abdomen! An additional brain (of sorts) exists in our gut, the enteric nervous system, and has dominion over the viscera with total autonomy from the brain! We'll peek into the ways in which movement affects these parts and our organism as a whole.

Saturday, 3:30p to 6:00p
Bones & Breath

The bones as living, bloodful tissue embody the being-ness of our human being. We'll use the practices of pranayama, restorative asana, and meditation to connect with these often overlooked supports.

Sunday, 12:30p to 3:30p
Inner Leg & Outer Leg

When the adductors and abductors of the legs are balanced they can play a strong role in the overall vitality. We'll play with a variety of asana techniques, both traditional and innovative, to study and cultivate balance in the lower body, affecting the hips, spine, and whole organism!

Cost: $200 for the entire weekend; a la carte registration available