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The Art of Breath: Introduction to Pranayama with John Sherburne (Arlington)

  • Sun & Moon Yoga – Arlington 3811 Lee Highway Arlington, VA 22207 (map)

The breath is a unique function of the body in that it can be performed either consciously or unconsciously.  We can spend our whole lives involuntarily inhaling and exhaling with little awareness of what our lungs are doing.  But through conscious engagement with our breath, the process can become a yogic practice with numerous benefits, including relaxation, clarity and focus.

The term pranayama is used to describe the techniques of yogic breathing. Considered a traditional component of yoga practice, it is a bridge between the physical practice of postures and the deeper practice of meditation.

This is an experiential workshop,  suitable for anyone with at least a year of yoga practice.  We will familiarize ourselves with the body's natural cycle of breath and begin to articulate and refine the process, learning simple yet effective methods.  Presented in the philosophical context of yoga, we will also discuss the purpose and benefits of pranayama as well as the more subtle aspects of the practice.

Cost: $30