christine clardy

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I came to yoga in 1995 as a young and busy professional, having no interest in its traditions or techniques. I simply liked feeling relaxed! Over time, however, yoga has become different things for me, seemingly able to morph into whatever I need whenever I need it. Today, I still like feeling relaxed—but I also eagerly explore the vast system of traditions and techniques that I once overlooked. Whether it’s reading ancient texts, studying modern masters, or scouring the internet for popular wisdom, I’m grateful to have entered this rich community of seekers and sharers.

My teaching for adults emphasizes breath awareness and healthy physical alignment in each individual, as well as finding an appropriate balance between effort and ease. Throughout our practice, personal inquiry and internal listening remain key. When teaching kids or teens, I also weave in age-appropriate activities, teamwork exercises, and mindful movement. Whatever the case, I enjoy the process of yoga—the ongoing exploration and problem-solving it can provide—and continue to develop my own home practice with emphasis on core stability, healthy aging, and daily meditation. Hope to meet you on the mat!

Tuesdays - Hatha 2, 6:15p, Arl