Carole Toulousy-Michel

Originally from France, Carole arrived in the US as a business advisor, and after she began yoga practice, her quest to understand her life’s purpose shifted from the “outside in” to the “inside out.” Carole did her 200-hour training at the former Sacred Well Yoga Studio in Falls Church, and her 500-hours and E-RYT training at Glenmore Yoga in Richmond, with a focus on yoga therapy. Carole's yoga therapy training emphasizes the study of osteoporosis prevention and pain management.

Seven years ago, she created special classes with the goal to support the body's healing processes and to reduce the effects of osteoporosis, and she has been teaching these classes ever since. Her study of Hindu philosophy brings a universal spiritual side to her teaching, and another dimension to her everyday living includes experience in energy practices such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Energy Healing. Carole believes that the goals of our lives are not nearly as important as the processes that led us to them. Her quest is ongoing, and she invites her students to share the journey.

In Carol’s signature “Bones & Balance” yoga class, she incorporates specialized routines for improving physical stability and addressing skeletal issues; the relevant seasonal element per Traditional Chinese Medicine; the Ayurvedic qualities of each season, and kinesiology and neuroscientific breathing techniques to reach out to the subconscious and naturally trigger the release of emotions trapped within the body.

 Tuesdays – Bones & Balance, 3:00p, Arl
Thursdays – Bones & Balance, 10:45a, Ffx