Andrea Kiss


Andrea has been teaching yoga since 2003. She taught at Sun & Moon Yoga Studio for five years before she moved back to Hungary in 2008. After seven years, she returns with her family in 2015 and starts a new life in Arlington. Andrea received her teacher certification from SMYS and is also certified in Yoga Trance Dance and Children Yoga.

She was fortunate to train with excellent teachers in the US and Europe. As a former dancer, Andrea builds on her love of rhythm and harmony and incorporates into her practice various elements of different styles of yoga she studied throughout the years. Andrea’s goal as a yoga teacher is to make her students feel comfortable with themselves and take their experiences from the mat to their daily lives. She believes that although alignment is crucial for practicing asanas, the beauty of yoga is in its holistic approach to life.

Wednesdays – Hatha 2, 9:30a, Arl
Wednesdays – Hatha 1, 6:30p, Arl
Fridays - Hatha 2, 9:30a, Arl