Alex Levin

aLex teaches and mentors students along their paths as she coordinates our In-Depth teacher training programs. Ever orienting toward freedom, joy, and ease in everyday being, she’s inspired by teachers who point to the totality and immediacy of our direct experience including Adyashanti, Erich Schiffmann, Byron Katie, Rupert Spira, Mooji, Sharon Landrith, Madeline Helbraun, and Paul Hedderman. Sharing yoga since 1998 and currently folding in Yin Yoga and Feldenkrais principles, she invites us to look and discover for ourselves that what we seek might already be available: through relaxed curiosity in our actual and multi-sensory experience at this moment, through skillfully asking what we need to know, and in willingly receiving what answers come. 

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Wednesdays – Yin & Nidra, 5:00p, Arl
Wednesdays - Zen & Art of Bridging Differences, 6:30p, Arl [6 weeks Oct 30 - Dec 11]
Thursdays – Meditative Yoga, 10:30a, Arl