Judith Lyon: 1947 - 2016

In Loving Memory

Judith Lyon was an artist and art historian, formerly on the curatorial staff of the Collection. She had been a student of eastern philosophy and meditation for over 30 years. Her classes were based on the teachings of classical hatha yoga as expressed by B.K.S. Iyengar and Sri Swami Satchidananda. Judith taught yoga in the Washington area for over 25 years, having established the yoga program at the NIH. She dedicated her life's work to the well-being and health of others.

Judith passed away peacefully from a long illness, in the presence of family and friends, on Monday Nov 14, 2016. She adored her Sun & Moon Yoga students and teaching colleagues, and in return she was loved and cherished in all her wonderful quirky glory.

Judith was a true force of nature. I loved taking her class because you literally never knew what would happen or what she would talk about, but it was always a great experience. And when I stopped taking her class for schedule reasons but went for a makeup, it was like I was her long-lost sister! She marched to her own drummer, but was such a warm, luminous presence. I am glad I knew her. – C.W.
I will miss her stories, smile and presence. – S.R.
Judith will be remembered for her absolute devotion to Yoga – Jackie Shaffer
Judith was more than a yoga teacher. She entered the lives of all of her students, always caring about their well being, their joys and difficulties. For those of us who were fortunate to be in her light, to learn from her, to have lunch with her, to laugh with her, the loss is immense. Namaste, Sweet Judith. We will hold you in our hearts. – G.W.
 I will miss Judith's smile, her lovely voice, her laugh and sense of humor, her funny stories, her way of floating through the room, and the love she clearly had for all of us and for yoga. It was a joy to learn from her. Thank you, Judith. – Paula Levin-Alcorn
Judith was my first yoga teacher at NIH! She was the one who led me to Sun and Moon. When I think of her I smile. God rest her soul. – C.D.
My first yoga teacher who inspired me to want to teach. – Christie Zepeda
So loving and open-hearted, she will live on in many hearts. – Enid Kassner