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Rooting: Bandhas and the Pelvic Floor: Welcoming Theresa Murphy (Arlington)

  • Sun & Moon Yoga – Arlington 3811 Lee Highway Arlington, VA 22207 (map)


Friday 6:30-8:30p – Unwind
A perfect launch into the week's end.  This class is designed for sensitive and dedicated practitioners as we will focus on softer practices to ground us post work week and pre bed.  We'll explore a blend of somatic unwinding, seated and floor postures, pranayama, meditation, and sounding.  Pure pranic refinement.

Saturday 12:30-3:30p – The Front Triangle & The Back Triangle
The pelvic floor serves as the tap root to our spine, and the pranic pump for the sacrum.  As one of 7 diaphragmatic structures in the body, it has a major role in integrating the power of our upright form with the ease of maneuvering horizontal planes.  Structurally we can see and feel the different layers and parts to the pelvic diaphragm.  We'll take a close look and engage in practices that tune up this region of the body in service of integrating the whole.  

Saturday 4:30-6:30p – Yin Yoga & The Nature of Happiness
In this class we practice asana, pranayama, mind training, and methods for awakening the heart, and rooting the mind. The discussion and practices focus on redefining for ourselves what it means to live a meaningful life filled with well being and satisfaction. Using the Buddhist view, we contemplate on not only the ways we long for genuine freedom from suffering, but how we also promote discontent by our own confusion and habits of reactivity. Aligning our minds with heartfelt awakening aspirations, while brightening our clarity and concentration, this class settles our heart/mind into a more naturally receptive, awake quality of being, sowing the seeds of happiness.

Sunday 12:30-3:30p – Bandha Triptych
Bridging the first to the seventh chakras, the pelvis to the brain, the heart to the head, and the tail to the tongue; the bandhas in yogasana serve to connect the practitioner to the depths of space and freedom inside.  In Yoga the ancient practice of bandhas is subtle and powerful, and serves to calibrate the valves that govern and channel the presence of energetic movement in our body-heart-minds.  In this class we practice asana both soft and strong, including deep inner work for access to these conduits in service of pranic refinement, clarity and balance.