laura haywood-leigh


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Laura began practicing yoga in 2002. She was initially drawn to the Iyengar style for its focus on breathing and alignment. Following the birth of her fourth child in 2007, Laura explored adaptive yoga and then the freedom-form style, taught by Erich Schiffmann, which encourages deep inner listening and self-trust.

Laura was a member of the Sun & Moon Yoga Studio’s In-Depth Foundations (teacher training) class of 2017-2018 and completed the associated requirements in October 2018. Laura has also been a student of the California-based Ridhwan School since 2007, which is home to the “Diamond Approach,” a contemporary spiritual path that includes the practice of self-inquiry.

As a yoga teacher, Laura combines her experiences with yoga and self-inquiry to guide her students into an increased somatic awareness of their personal experiences.  

Tuesdays – Hatha 1, 4:45p, Arl