Laura freix

Laura was invited to attend a qigong class for the first time several years ago.  She knew very little of qigong at the time, and because she had always been more of a hardcore exerciser, she felt like she wasn’t actually doing anything.  At the same time, she noticed that she felt calm and energized when she was done.

In 2018, her passion turned towards teaching.  She has studied formally under qigong masters: Roger Jahnke, Francesco Garripoli, and Daisy Lee.  Her background as an energy healer, as well as her knowledge of Chinese medicine, supports her in bringing useful context to the forms.  Additionally, she has been trained to use Tibetan bowls, and will be integrating sound healing into her classes.

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Laura values the concepts of meditation, but admittedly, is not very good at sitting still. She treats her qigong practice as a moving meditation, and has the gift of bringing meaningful metaphors into the practice.  Her goal is to expand her students’ awareness so they can become the best version of themselves. 

She offers private qigong sessions, for those who want to go deeper, as well as individual healing sessions and mindset coaching (which can be applied to health, relationships and life).

To learn more, about Laura and what she has to offer in her private practice, visit: