Frequently Asked Questions

The Yoga and How We Teach It

Sun & Moon is a classic school of hatha yoga promoting health, well-being, and community. We arrange our schedule around four quarters per year, with weekly classes structured to provide a well-rounded curriculum over an entire quarter. Depending on the season, the length of the quarter varies. We welcome beginners and new students at any time, and YOUR FIRST CLASS IS FREE. Most students register for one weekly class for the whole quarter, but partial registrations and drop-ins are always available.  We also offer steeper discounts for multiple weekly class registrations.

We teach most of our classes in the hatha yoga style at Levels 1, 2, or 3, with careful alignment instruction and a focus on breath awareness and mindful practice. Our teaching staff is a well-rounded collection of practitioners with an eclectic blend of styles; when a class is purely devoted to one particular style, it will carry its name (e.g. vinyasa, or Integral); otherwise, it simply depends on the teachers, their training, and what they choose to share that particular day. We keep our rooms at moderate temperatures in the mid-70s and do not offer any "hot yoga." 

We Love Brand New Beginners

If you have never done yoga before, if you are not flexible, if you don't know what you're doing and feel intimidated by what you've seen/heard in the media about "yoga," Sun & Moon is the perfect place. We provide clear and helpful instruction for every posture, we welcome all body shapes and sizes, and we teach students at their own pace.  

For Your Convenience, Health, and Comfort

Inclement Weather or Emergency Conditions:  If we are closed due to bad weather or another emergency, there will be a message on our main phone line, 703-525-YOGA (9642), as well as a posting on the home page of the website. Please check, as we do not necessarily follow county school closings. If we aren’t closed, but conditions make it a bad idea for YOU to come to class, please opt for our liberal and easy make-up policy (see below). Classes cancelled because of weather or other emergencies may be made up just like any other missed class during the quarter. 

Coming to Class Late:  If you’re running late, don’t stress. Come anyway. But also be mindful that most classes begin with a quiet centering, meditation, or breathing practice. Therefore, please be courteous to your fellow students and come in quietly, simply sit down, and wait until the teacher finishes the centering before you gather props and unroll your mat. Another considerate option is to wait until the centering is finished before entering the room.

Injuries: Let the teacher know if you have any acute injuries or chronic health matters that should be taken into account. Our teachers are trained and knowledgeable and can make useful suggestions tailored to your needs.

Mats and Props: We provide mats as a courtesy to our students. If you use one of our studio mats for your practice and you’re concerned about its cleanliness, you are welcome to wipe it down before you use it with supplies provided on the prop shelves. If you are so inspired after class to do the same, we greatly appreciate it. Anyone with particular concerns about cleanliness of the mat is encouraged to bring their own.

What to Wear: Wear something comfy that's not too loose and not too tight. On the bottom, most women wear yoga pants and most men wear sweats or shorts; on top, choose t-shirts or tank tops that aren't too baggy, with an extra layer for warmth at the beginning at end of class.

What Not to Wear:  For your comfort and that of others, we strongly urge students not to wear heavy perfume or cologne or noisy jewelry to class. These sensory distractions make mindful practice much more difficult. 

Food and Water: Stay hydrated to stay healthy – your body will thank you! We have filtered water available for your use – please bring your own water bottle, as we’ve reduced waste by not using paper cups. Try not to eat just before class, or choose something light, like a piece of fruit.

Honoring the Space: Remove your shoes and leave them in the cubbies up front or in the dressing rooms in back. Our no-shoe policy makes for clean floors and a pleasant practice. 

Social Time: We love and encourage the sense of community and the personal bonds that form at Sun & Moon. We also try to balance that with maintaining a quiet and peaceful environment. If you’re early for class and enjoy chatting with fellow yogis, keep voices low and respectful of others who choose to quietly center. Likewise after class in the hallways, as often there is another class still in session next door.

Silence Your Device! Yep, we can’t say this enough.

Registration, Fees, and Managing Your Classes

Unlike the gym model of many yoga studios, we run our classes like a school. Registration and payment can be managed in a variety of arrangements to suit your schedule and attendance patterns.

  • Full quarter registration for a weekly class: We recommend this option, as it will give you the best possible yoga education and experience. Regular practice and connection to your yoga community form the cornerstone of Sun & Moon’s unique yoga environment. $16/class (as of 7/28/17) for full quarter registration.
  • Partial Registration: If you’re joining the quarter late, or you know you’ll be traveling and unable to attend several classes, you may register for a partial quarter. $18/class (as of 7/28/17) for partial registration (minimum 6 classes).
  • Drop-ins: We allow anyone to drop-in anytime. No need to reserve your spot in advance. $22/class to drop in (as of 9/5/17).
  • Multiple weekly class registrations: This is for the motivated yogi who wants to come often! Take $50 off two full quarter weekly registrations ($14/class) or $108 off of three full quarter weekly class registrations ($13/class).
  • Make-Ups and Flexible Attendance: Use up all your classes as you like during the span of the quarter in which you’re registered. Consider your registered weekly class your “homeroom” for yoga. However, if you can’t make it to your registered class, you can make up missed classes in any other class within the current quarter at either studio, before or after your absence. For example, if you’ll be traveling one week, you could double or triple up your attendance the previous week; if you are sick for another week, you could double or triple up your attendance once you recover. If you’d like to sample a new teacher or style, swap it out for any other class. When doing a make-up, sign in at the front desk and inform the teacher. All make-ups must be taken during the quarter for which you are registered; they may not be carried over to the next quarter or gifted to another student.

The Front Desk

Most of our front desk staff is made up of volunteers, or “WEs” (Work Exchange). They work in our office/front desk in exchange for free classes.  If you have a question that the front desk volunteer is unable to answer, please leave your name and number and someone from our regular staff will get back to you. And if you’d like to be a WE, ask for an application at the front desk.

Thank You for Sharing Yoga With Us at Sun & Moon

We welcome feedback.  Please let us know what you’re thinking by dropping us a note. If you want a personal response, leave your name and phone number, and we’ll contact you as soon as we can. 

Namaste, and Warmly,

Sun & Moon Yoga Studio Staff