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Winter classes run Wed Jan 2 through Tues April 16 (15 weeks)
Closed for spring break Wed April 17 through Mon Apr 22. Classes resume Apr 23
*asterisk below denotes free yoga for furloughed federal employees until shutdown is over:

Day/Time Class Instructor StartsStudio
10:15am-11:45amHatha All Levels*Carol Confino1/7B
11:00am-12:15pmMat Pilates 1/2Anna Mikheeva1/7A
12:00pm-1:15pmHatha Gentle/1Carol Confino1/7B
4:45pm-6:00pmYoga for Core Stability*Melinda Hofstetter1/7A
5:00pm-5:45pmYoga for Kids ($192 for 12 weeks: no class 1/21, 2/18, 4/15)Annie Welsh1/7B
6:00pm-7:30pmHatha 3Vicki Christian1/7B
7:00pm-8:30pmHatha All LevelsMichelle Bannister1/7A
8:00pm-9:15pmHatha 1*Sandra Jenkins Clark1/7B
7:00am-8:00amHatha All LevelsCynthia L / Lisa W1/8B
8:30am-9:45amTai Chi/Qi Gong 1/2Cynthia Maltenfort1/8B
10:00am-11:30amHatha 2Cynthia L / Jennifer E1/8A
10:15am-11:30amHatha 1 *Deb Hertz1/8B
11:45am-1:15pmAdaptive YogaCynthia L / Jayne S1/8B
6:00pm-7:15pmHatha 1Terry Strayer1/8A
6:00pm-7:30pmYoga for Healthy Aging* Rixie Dennison1/8B
7:30pm-8:45pmHatha All LevelsTerry Strayer1/8A
8:00pm-9:00pmVinyasa All Levels*Stephanie Crews1/8B
9:00am-10:30amHatha 2Cynthia Maltenfort1/2B
10:30am-11:15amYoga for You & the Baby*Cindy Arnn1/2A
10:45am-12:00pmHatha 1 Cynthia Maltenfort1/2B
6:00pm-7:30pmHatha 3/4Pat Pao1/2A
6:15pm-7:45pmHatha 2*Carol Confino1/2B
8:00pm-9:00pmTai Chi/Qi Gong 1*Cynthia Maltenfort1/2B
8:00pm-9:15pmHatha 1Carol Confino1/2A
7:00am-8:00amHatha All LevelsCynthia L / Lisa W1/3B
9:15am-10:30amHatha 1Vicki Christian1/3B
10:00am-11:30amHatha 2*Nathalie Cadilhac-Duffy1/3A
10:45am-12:15pmBones & Balance*Carole Toulousy-Michel1/3B
5:00pm-6:00pmHatha All Levels*Valerie Short1/3B
6:15pm-7:30pmHatha 1Chris Clardy1/3A
6:30pm-7:45pmPrenatal Yoga*Melinda Hofstetter1/3B
8:00pm-9:15pmYoga for Core StabilityChris Clardy1/3B
10:00am-11:15amHatha 1Nathalie Cadilhac-Duffy1/4A
10:00am-11:30amHatha 2/3Vicki Christian1/4B
12:00pm-1:15pmHatha 2Vicki Christian1/4A
12:00pm-1:15pmHatha 1*Deb Hertz1/4B
6:00pm-7:15pmYoga for Healthy AgingRixie Dennison1/4B
7:30pm-8:30pmMeditationAnnie Welsh1/4B
8:00am-9:00amVinyasa All Levels*Alex Ali1/5B
9:00am-10:30amHatha 2/3Cynthia L / Lisa W1/5A
9:15am-10:30amHatha 1Dena Jensen1/5B
10:45am-12:15pmHatha 2/3Dena Jensen1/5B
11:15am-12:30pmPrenatal YogaPaige Lichens1/5A
9:15am-10:30amHatha Gentle/1*Carol Confino1/6B
10:00am-11:30amHatha 2Gayle Fleming1/6A
10:45am-12:15pmHatha All LevelsAnna Mikheeva1/6B
3:00pm-4:00pmFamily Yoga Fun (monthly Sundays - check website)Annie Welsh1/6B
4:30pm-5:30pmYoga for TeensAnnie Welsh1/6A
6:00pm-7:30pmHatha All LevelsLisa Wingate1/6A
7:00pm-8:00pmMeditationJon W/Stig RongoingB

New and Notable in Fairfax this Winter

  • Thursday late afternoon hatha class in Fairfax – 5:00p with Valerie Short, who’s thrilled to be back on the regular weekly schedule!

  • Practice from the core – Yoga for Core Stability Mondays 4:45p w/Melinda Hofstetter and Thursdays 8:00p w/Chris Clardy

  • Share yoga with the smallest ones – Yoga for You & the Baby, Wednesdays 10:30a w/Cindy Arnn.

  • Move Yourself – Vinyasa class Saturdays 8:00a w/Alex Ali!

  • Pregnant? – Prenatal Yoga Saturday mornings, 11:15a and Thursday evenings 6:30p