spring 2018 class schedule

New & Notable for Spring!

  • We're very excited to offer for the first time in Fairfax Yoga for You & The Kids on Saturday mornings, 10:45a with Jennifer Eubank.
  • Longtime Sun & Moon teacher Maureen Vasquez offers Level 1 Monday evenings, 8:00p. "I love the newbies!" says Maureen.
  • Welcoming back Natalia Garcia-Valencia from maternity leave! She'll be returning to Thursday Level 1, 6:15p. 
  • Michelle Kunz moves to All Levels on Monday evenings, 7:00p.
  • Adaptive Yoga continues on Tuesdays, 11:45a,  in Noralea Dalkin's honor, with Cynthia Lim taking the lead.
  • Gayle Fleming takes over early morning All Levels on Wednesdays, with a new start time of 7:00a.                                                  
  • Alex Ali  Vinyasa on Thursdays, with a new start time of 6:30p.                                                                                                  
  • Mike Ricker introduces Vinyasa to Wednesday evenings, 8:00p.
  • Yoga for Arthritis  continues on Thursdays, 12:00p, for the duration of the winter quarter, starting fresh on Jan 4. Rachel Waldstein leads the exploration of poses that can, over time, relieve the discomfort of arthritis. Poses and movements are made accessible for those with limited mobility through use of props, especially a chair or the wall. Learn exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere, on or off the mat. Additional focus on anatomy, current research on inflammation and nutrition, breathing exercises and meditation to reduce the stress that is both a cause and a product of arthritis pain. 
  • Yoga for You and the Baby ... and Yoga for You and the Crawlers/Tots. Back by popular demand, our re-vamped Moms & Babies class on Wednesday mornings (11:30a - 12:15p), and a combined offering on Friday mornings (11:00a - 11:45a) for caregivers with the wee ones who have gone mobile. With Dana Cook. Registration is per adult (kids and babies are free).