Sun & Moon In-Depth

Guiding Principles & Program Structure

Classical hatha yoga presents eight limbs on which to base our yoga experience. Sun & Moon In-Depth applies this ancient guidance in a modern, practical manner. Grounded in this classic structure, we offer study in the following areas:

  • Techniques of Practice - asana, pranayama, meditation, and more

  • Wisdom - timeless yoga texts with modern, practical interpretation
  • Anatomy - structural & functional; physical and subtle
  • Teaching Methodology -  structure, sequencing, and presentation
  • Lifestyle - service, Ayurveda, and ethics
The best part of the program for me has been watching my path unfold.  Through gentle guidance, the staff has supported my self study.  Through this self study I have learned about my own body and about what kind of teacher I want to be.  No one can give me these answers, but this program has provided the space for me to ask and answer these questions for myself.
— Dena Jensen, May 2011

Program Components

You’ll learn through -

  • Study with Sun & Moon faculty
  • Study with Master Teachers
  • Weekly class
  • Observation of classes; workshops
  • Elective Sun & Moon workshops
  • Reading assignments

You’ll create, express, teach by -

  • Creating lesson plans & critically examining sequencing, techniques, and teaching methods and approaches
  • Conducting and presenting research, karma or resource projects
  • Participating in teaching in our community

You’ll receive feedback & support in -

  • Mentoring and support in your particular paths, goals and needs
  • Evaluation of your teaching, knowledge, and skills; including final comprehensive exam as review of key information learned