Classes at Sun & Moon Yoga Studio

We teach classic hatha yoga, flavored by the eclectic influence embodied in our large and experienced teaching staff. Our primary focus is on safety, and we teach careful alignment combined with conscious breath and quiet mind. We do not heat our rooms, as we believe the body fares best when allowed its own natural course of warming up and cooling down. We emphasize a healthy balance of strength and flexibility, and as a school of yoga, our class curricula is designed to take the student through a complete range of training, practice, and refinement in any given quarter’s worth of classes. 

Basic Hatha Yoga Classes

NOTE! All classes previously named by their “Level” now include the word “Hatha,” the traditional term for breath-based, alignment-informed yoga practice from which all other styles emerged. The classes haven’t changed, just the names!

Hatha Gentle
Basic poses at a slow pace with lots of support. Ideal for those recovering from illness or injury, as well as those with chronic health concerns necessitating extra caution in physical activity.

  • Mondays, 11:00a (Arl) and 12:00p (Ffx)
  • Fridays, 4:30p (Arl)
  • Sundays, 9:15a (Ffx)

Hatha 1
A basic introduction to yoga breathing, postures, and relaxation. Intended for beginners with no previous experience, or those looking for a gentle and basic ongoing practice.

  • Daily in both locations.

Hatha 2
Refines the basics and provides more detailed alignment instructions and breath work.

  • Daily in both locations.

Hatha 2/3, 3, and 3/4
Teaches more advanced standing and seated poses, pranayama, and begins integrating inversions, deeper backbends, and meditation techniques.

  • Wednesdays, 6:00p (Ffx)
  • Fridays, 10:15a (Ffx)
  • Saturdays, 9:00a (Ffx)
  • Tuesdays, 12:00p (Arl)

Hatha All Levels
Includes the basics as well as options for deeper practice. Appropriate for all students.

  • Most days in both locations

Combination Classes (i.e. Hatha 1/2) 
For the student who is comfortable in the lower level, and interested in exploring the next.

  • Most days in both locations

For Kids, Teens and Families

Family Yoga Fun
Monthly yoga for the young family to practice together – mostly geared toward younger children (toddlers through early elementary ages). A light-hearted and playful class that helps reduce stress, build motor skills, increase strength and promote flexibility. Usually includes games, stories, and guided imagery. Always relaxing. Always fun.  Offered monthly Sunday afternoons in Fairfax and monthly Friday early evenings in Arlington; check our workshops/events page for dates and times. 

  • Fridays Sept 7, Oct 5, Nov, 2, Dec 7, 5:00p (Arl)
  • Sundays Sept 9, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 8, 3:00p (Ffx)

Yoga for Kids
Play and work with poses to increase flexibility and strength, develop coordination and posture, and explore relaxation and stress reduction tools. Yoga stories and/or visualizations will be presented in each class Recommended for the younger elementary ages. Parents, drop the kids and enjoy your time away!

  • Mondays, 5:00p (Ffx)
  • Thursdays, 4:30p (Arl)

Yoga for Tweens
Yoga for those in-betweeners who don't seem like kids anymore, but are not quite ready for an older teens class. Recommended for grades 3 through 6. Parents, drop the kids and enjoy your time away! 

  • Thursdays, 5;30p (Arl)

Yoga for Teens
A playful yet disciplined practice of asana, prFfx)anayama, and relaxation, intended to help reduce stress and promote strength, self-esteem, focus, balance, and positive body images. For middle schoolers and high schoolers (no parent-zone!). 

  • Mondays, 5:00p (Arl)
  • Sundays, 4:30p (Ffx)

Yoga for Teen Boys
The adolescent boy will learn ways to focus his mind, condition his body to help avoid athletic injuries, build flexibility to balance his emerging strength, and manage emotions. The class is designed for middle and high school boys seeking a peaceful environment without the distraction of girls. For teens to be dropped off.

  • Thursdays, 6:30p (Arl)

Yoga for You and the Baby
Bring along your baby, from infant to almost-crawling, for this welcoming postnatal class that emphasizes how yoga can help you stay physically and emotionally strong and centered during your first months together. Strengthen, stretch and tone your body with emphasis on support for feeding, holding, lifting and carrying your baby, as well as moving more easily through your daily life. Learn basic techniques of baby massage and movements that encourage neuromuscular development in babies. All caregivers welcome.

  • Wednesdays, 11:30a (Arl) and 10:30a (Ffx)

Yoga for You and the Tots
A fun fun romp for moms or any caregivers and their babes who are crawling or toddling. We will incorporate asana, stories, music, and creative movement to experience the joy and heartfelt wisdom of yoga with a child-like flow.

  • Fridays, 11:00a (Arl)

Yoga for You and the Kids
An all-levels yoga class with all the favorite poses, breathing, and relaxation that our other standard classes offer, with the invitation to bring the kids so the whole family can practice together. Recommended for all adults and their kids ages 7 and up. Designed to be a straight-forward yoga class for families with kids whose attention span and interest in yoga can sustain a 75-minute yoga experience.

  • Wednesdays, 6:15p (Arl)

I love the quiet and tranquil space they have created for helping to create a peaceful space for yoga. It is a beautiful, loving and supportive place to get away from stresses of society. And my teen daughter loves her weekly yoga here with friends. Truly a very special place.
— Linda S.
The facilities are clean and welcoming; instructors are well-trained and friendly. They try their best to keep participants comfortable and safe while learning yoga poses and breathing. I have found the stress relief and physical health benefits I experienced here extremely rewarding . . .
— S. W.
With so many studios coming and going in the area, one can always count on this business! All the instructors are so helpful.

A beautiful space for a yoga practice. Once you walk in past the reception are you enter a sanctuary of calm. With the fiber carpets and the curving pastel walls and wicker chairs where you can wait to enter one of two studios.
— Tu-van L.

Specialized Classes

Adaptive Yoga 
A slow-paced class which combines yogic breathing, deep relaxation, and gentle movement to restore strength, range of motion and vitality. The practice will be modified for individual needs.

  • Tuesdays, 11:45a (Ffx)

A classical form of practice developed by the late Sri Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga synchronizes a set sequence of yoga postures combining breath, focal points, and inner strength. Each class begins with sun salutations, and the remaining series of postures are held for five breaths each, some of which punctuated by a flowing vinyasa. Some yoga experience and basic understanding of alignment is recommended.

  • Mondays, 8:00p (Arl)

Bones and Balance 
Those diagnosed with osteoporosis and arthritis have found this class useful. Students will learn to strengthen muscles, safeguard the spine while toning the upper body, protect their hips and lower back, build balancing skills, improve the health and flexibility of joints with blood circulation exercises and safe resistance-training postures. Class will include mindful breathing techniques and guided meditations.

  • Tuesdays, 3:00p (Arl)
  • Thursdays, 10:45a (Ffx)

Tai Chi / Qigong 1
Based on a 5000 year-old Chinese energy healing system; Qi” refers to the energy that moves within and around us – that animates us, and “Gong” means “work”. This class begins “working with Qi” to bring mind and body into a state of balance and self-regulation by coordinating simple, gentle movements with breath, then deepens, slowly adding more complexity (Tai Chi) to enhance brain function, balance, strength and more. There will be seated, standing and walking movements (no floor work).

  • Mondays, 12:30p (Arl)
  • Wednesdays, 8:00p (Ffx)

Tai Chi / Qigong 1/2
Deepens the practice: includes simple Qigong warm ups then moves into Tai Chi. Previous experience with Chinese Yoga (Tai Chi/Qigong) or other yang style Tai Chi forms will be useful but not necessary.

  • Tuesdays, 8:30a (Ffx)

Movement explorations that can reveal and alter habits responsible for chronic stress or pains, facilitate recovery from injury, and improve skills and creativity. The focus is not so much on what you do, as on HOW you do it.

  • Tuesdays, 11:30a (Arl)

Flow & Yin
A balanced class inviting you to experience the active and the receptive. Shake off your day with inspired movement, and then unravel deep layers of tension in connective tissue. A great choice for yogis who want to move and restore in a single practice

  • Tuesdays, 6:15p (Arl)

Insight Yoga
Developed by master teacher Sarah Powers, Insight yoga is a heart-centered approach that interweaves the insights and practices of Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and spiritual psychology. A typical practice blends slowly-flowing (yang) postures, floor-based (yin) postures, pranayama, and seated meditation to create a foundation and refuge for personal inquiry. In broad strokes, classes are designed according to the Chinese Five Elements, and throughout the year, the focus gradually shifts to different areas of the body according to the meridian pairs for the season. Mindfulness is woven throughout.

  • Thursdays, 7:30p (Arl)

Mat Pilates
This exercise system of dynamic rhythms and progressions focuses primarily on core-strengthening coordinated with breath, according to the exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century.

  • Mondays, 11:00a (Ffx)
  • Saturdays, 8:15a (Arl) and 9:30a (Arl)

A general survey and practice of various meditation philosophies and practices. Open to beginners and advanced students alike. No registration necessary and no fee – donations are appreciated.

  • Mondays, 12:15p (Arl)
  • Wednesdays, 12:45p (Arl)
  • Fridays, 12:00p (Arl) and 7:30p (Ffx)
  • Sundays, 6:30p (Arl) and 7:00p (Ffx)

Meditative Movement
A slow, steady, mindful practice, blending influence from several movement modalities. The guidance is toward exploration and discovery of easeful, pleasing and conscious action resulting in greater harmony, reconciliation, and freedom for body, mind, heart–whole being.

  • Thursdays, 10:30a (Arl)

Morning Mysore Practice
Mysore style is an un-led class where students arrive any time during the specified hours. The teacher greets students one-by-one and gets them started on a set series of Ashtanga Yoga postures, breathing, and gazing points. Learn more about our morning Mysore classes here

Prenatal Yoga
An all-levels course which supports and empowers expectant mothers. Teaches ways to ease aches and pains, make the body comfortable during pregnancy, and use the breath to calm and steady the mind.

  • Thursdays, 6:30p (Ffx) and 7:45p (Arl) 
  • Saturdays, 11:15a (Ffx)
  • Sundays, 4:30p (Arl)

Restorative Yoga
Relax in yoga postures where the body is entirely supported by blankets, blocks, and other props.  An ideal way to end the work week or start a new one, recover from stress, and renew the nervous system.

  • Sundays, 5:00p (Arl)

A faster-paced, physically challenging practice that builds stamina and strength through a series of flowing poses. Students should be comfortable coming quickly into standing poses with good alignment and should be practicing at Hatha 2 or above. 

  • Tuesdays, 7:45p (Arl) and 8:00p (Ffx)
  • Wednesdays, 8:00p (Arl)
  • Thursdays, 6:00p (Arl)
  • Saturdays, 8:00a (Ffx) and 10:45a (Arl)

** Vinyasa classes are not recommended until a student has completed at least two quarters of Hatha 2.

Yoga for Core Stability
"Core" strength is not about crunching the belly! This class focuses on integrating, balancing, stabilizing, and strengthening the many muscles of the front, back and sides of the torso. This work can lead to improved posture, diminished pain, and better functional movement. Each class includes time to warm-up, a period of active work, and a satisfying relaxation. Appropriate for all levels. 

  • Mondays, 4:45p (Ffx) and 6:30p (Arl)

Yoga for Healthy Aging
A research-based course of 37 essential practices correlated to increased healthy life span. The practices include static, dynamic, and restorative poses focused on flexibility, agility, balance and strength. This class is appropriate for anyone who's looking to take their yoga with them through many years ahead. We recommend that students have taken a minimum of one full quarter of Hatha 1.

  • Tuesdays, 6:00p (Ffx)
  • Fridays, 6:00p (Ffx)

Yoga for Joint Health (formerly Yoga for Arthritis)
Explores poses that can, over time, relieve the discomfort of arthritis.  Poses and movements are made accessible for those with limited mobility through use of props, especially a chair or the wall. Learn exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere, on or off the mat. Additional focus on anatomy, current research on inflammation and nutrition, breathing exercises and meditation to reduce the stress that is both a cause and a product of arthritis pain.

  • Thursdays, 12:00p (Arl)

Yoga-Infused Pilates
Classic Pilates exercises intended to strengthen the core abdominal muscles, combined with a yoga aesthetic, incorporating gentle cool-down stretches, yoga breathing practices, and deep relaxation at the end.

  • Thursdays, 8:00p (Ffx)

Yin Yoga
A close-to-the-ground practice in long-held poses that complements our more active typical yang yoga practice and lives. The attentive receptivity of yin practice promotes health in the joints and connective tissue. Yin yoga class emphasizes focus on sensations and intensity, producing a meditative state in the mind and heart.

  • Wednesdays, 5:00p (Arl)