In-Depth pre-requisites and application

Prerequisites for 200-Hour Foundations Program

  • two years of yoga practice with a teacher at least once a week
  • a home practice
  • some study at Sun & Moon yoga studio (before investing time and resources, it is wise for you to be sure that you resonate with our teachers, our styles, and our studio's ambiance)
  • an interview with a member of our teaching staff
  • two references - one personal reference and one yoga reference

Prerequisites for 500-Hour Dharma Program (previously the Proficiency/Fluency Program)

Completion of an accredited 200-hour teacher training program from any tradition. If you are a graduate of Sun & Moon's Foundations 200-hour program, or previous 300-hour program (1998 - 2008), contact Alex Levin for application procedure.


SMYS instructors go the extra mile in supporting all of their students in their journey. I’m very proud to tell people I’ve studied at Sun & Moon.
— Christie Zepeda, April 2011

If you are applying for the 200-hour Foundations program or the 500-hour Dharma program and have not done previous teacher training at Sun & Moon, please fill out the form below.

Please note - there is a $25 nonrefundable application fee. Please pay here.  

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